peer accountability circle

Welcome to Peer Success Circles

… turn your dreams into reality now.

All it takes is someone who’s got your back.  Peer Success Circles is a system where you are assigned a daily accountability buddy or a lifeline who will listen and support you toward your goals and dreams.

Have you struggled getting things going with your day and business.  Are you in the process of finding a job? Do you feel stuck..isolated?

For four years now, Peer SuccessCircles has been connecting entrepreneurs with a lifeline that gives them a jumpstart in your day.   The lifeline serves as an accountability and support partner holding you to to a higher standard.

At the end of it all, you feel great, clearminded, ready to take action on your top results driven priorities.  Your lifeline will remind you on your commitments, live at your highest values.  You will arrive at your goals and dream faster, Guaranteed!!

How is it done, you might ask?  Through a powerful contextual 30 minute call daily where the both of you feel clear, empowered and grateful.  Over the course of the lifeline partnership, you are tracking your goals and outcomes.

One of our members Garey S, has benefited from the daily accountability. Since joining the group, he bought his dream home by the water and his number of business clients skyrocketed.

Another member Darren V. found his purpose and switched careers to being a teacher and found his dream woman.

Ok, So you want to know how you can find out more about Peer Success Circles.  Very simply, sign up to our list.  We have a qualification process to keep the standards high in our community.


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